Welcome to our HomeWatch Association

We have a membership of over 500 households in our part of north Dorset so, in effect, many more people benefit. Clearly we are offering something that is in demand.
If you have an interest in preventing crime, please take a look around.

What we do

Find out what we see as our objectives and who we are.

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  • The Shaftesbury and Gillingham Home Watch Association has now disbanded due to a lack of new members wishing to join the committee to ensure continuation of the Association.

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  • If anyone reading this wishes to "restart" the group please contact your local Police at either Gillingham or Shaftesbury Police Stations or dial 101 and ask to be put through to either.

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Come and join us

We exist so everyone's neighbourhood is informed of safety and security issues. There is little you have to do but much to be gained.

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